The Took 2 Long Productions Team

Mender’s Strife: An 8-Bit Fantasy is brought to you by Took 2 Long Productions, a small, indie game development team that started out as a bunch of game-loving friends with ambitious dreams and grew to become, well, a bunch of game-loving friends with ambitious dreams and a wee bit of life experience.

We’ve dreamed about creating and releasing commercial 8-bit and 16-bit role-playing games for years now, you see. Many of our early game drafts came to life as early as 2002 and started in the form of fan-made sequels and prequels to beloved classics like Final Fantasy VI.

Back then, we called ourselves Night Skies Productions. Two of the first 100% non-profit fan-made games we released were called Final Fantasy: Shattered Lands and Final Fantasy: Cry to Heaven. What can we say? We’re Final Fantasy nuts.

Through the years, we’ve all grown as creative professionals while still embracing our nostalgia-infused gaming roots. We’ve started a few new, wholly unique gaming projects along the way, but never quite felt ready to share those projects with the world.

Until now. Yep. It took us a long time to realize we couldn’t keep our creative outbursts to ourselves any longer. Hence our company name.

Mender’s Strife is the first of those outbursts, er, projects. Spoiler alert: We’ve got a whole lot more in store.

Team Members:

Micah Goodwin – Co-Founder and Graphic Designer


I’ve been gaming since the Atari, but really came into my love of RPGs with the NES era. FF1, the Dragon Warriors, etc.

I chose the name “Took 2 Long” because most of us have been on and off working together for nearly 2 decades. These people have seen me through a divorce, my son’s entire life, and many game ideas.

The 8-bit idea was a throwback to the games of our youth. The “better” times. Ah, nostalgia…

Jeremy Jones – Co-Founder, Composer, and Programming Consultant


So, I’m a gamer, musician, pastor, father, husband, librarian, and a pretty easygoing guy. The first system I owned was an NES. I played Super Mario Brothers with my parents and kept going from there.

The music from games has gotten me through some tough times and has inspired me to create soundtracks for videos, fan games, and now, Mender’s Strife. I love composing with the 8-bit style in mind because it takes me back to those fond memories of my childhood when things were much simpler. Nobuo Uematsu remains as one of my primary influences.

I’ve been with this group of people for years, beginning as part of the Night Skies Productions community. It’s been super fun being a part of the Took 2 Long Productions Team and doing my part in the creation of this project.

Lucas Hardgrave – Lead Writer


I first got my gaming feet wet back in the days of Zork, Commander Keen, and Duke Nukem. I was a PC gamer before a console gamer, but it didn’t take me long to become wholly absorbed into console RPGs (and go back and play the older ones) from the moment I first tried Final Fantasy VII. These days, I dive into anything with an awesome story. Give me a chance to hop in an MMORPG and protect my friends from something big and snarly, and I’m a happy camper.

I’m also a science fiction/fantasy author with one published novel and short story under my belt. My stories tend to take the form of character-driven, approachable tales which explore life’s truths in worlds that aren’t too different than our own. I’ve been told my writing is often “cerebral” in that it’s equal parts action and deep, thoughtful subject matter that resonates afterwards with the reader.

Tom Miller – Composer and Music Arranger


I write the songs that make the whoooole woooorld siiii—. No, that’s not quite right. Hum chip tunes? Yeah, that works.

Roy Rouell – Writer and Programmer with Training Wheels


I have been a gamer since childhood and a gaymer since it became a thing. I became interested in gaming when my father bought an old Pong Console and an Atari 2600 at a yard sale when I was 4 or 5 years old. Playing games with him started me down the path I am on now.

It was during the Autumn of 2005 that I met one of our music production artists, Jeremy Jones, while working at a bookstore together and we became friends. This chance meeting led me to work with he and his here at Took 2 Long Productions.

Jennifer Jones – Programmer

Chad Steadman – Video Editor, Lead Quality Checker