Wilson + Glimmer vs. Shrubbery

We’re proud to announce the first Mender’s Strife: An 8-Bit Fantasy companion game, entitled Wilson + Glimmer vs. Shrubbery!

You may remember Wilson from the Mender’s Strife demo. Well, turns out, our fans loved Wilson. So, it only made sense that he got his own game. And he’s got a Faerie companion by the name of Glimmer to keep his kookiness company. In Wilson + Glimmer vs. Shrubbery, the duo have to journey through multiple levels of a forest dungeon that should look a little familiar to players who played the demo– but with some twists. And a lot of monsters to defeat. And a lot of monsters of defeat.

Combat fans rejoice– this is the game for you! We took the Mender’s Strife combat system to new, challenging heights in this little game. You’ll face familiar foes, new foes, strange foes, silly foes, and quite difficult foes– all the while learning new abilities and getting a taste of one small part of the endgame equipment system Mender’s Strife will make use of. Level grinders, it’s time to grind your socks off. Fun fact– some of our own team members even found it too difficult to complete!

But you’re up for the challenge, right? Of course you are.

Along with level grinding and challenging combat, Wilson + Glimmer vs. Shrubbery is also full of plenty of humor and puns, unique items, NPCs, and monsters, and some completely new faux chiptune tracks!

Check it out on Took 2 Long Production’s itch.io page. You can pick up the game for $2.

Enjoy the game– and the conga line!

We’d love to hear your feedback, so if you do play it, please drop us a line and let us know what you think!