Update Time!

Hey, folks!

We’re long overdue for an update, but fear not– We have a lot of cool stuff to share! Here’s what’s been going down in the land of Mender’s Strife development over the past few months:

Mender’s Strife is on itch.io

If you’re not familiar with itch.io as an indie-loving gamer, well, you should be! It’s a platform for both indie game enthusiasts and developers, a spot for picking up new games as well as supporting ones currently in development. Continue reading “Update Time!”

Took 2 Long Productions Has a Patreon Page

Hey folks! We hope you’re enjoying the demo for Mender’s Strife: An 8-Bit Fantasy. If you haven’t grabbed the demo yet, you can do so here. Don’t forget to give us feedback if you do give it try. We’re anxious to hear any comments you may have (both good and bad!) or any suggestions/recommendations you may have for the full game.

We’d also like to announce that we now have a Took 2 Long Productions Patreon page up and running.
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It’s Beginning to Look Mender-y!

Welcome to our lil’ blog corner for Mender’s Strife! Here we’ll be posting development news, announcements, updates, interviews, insight, media goodies, and a random assortment of fun stuff. Because we’re uh, fun and random like that. Well, sometimes anyway. Y’know, when the mood strikes.

Progress on the game has been going awesomely. It’s been going better than awesomely, in fact. It’s been going Mender-y! Just the other day I told our graphics guru that I needed a specific graphic for the last bit of the demo, and I found myself stumbling for words as I tried to describe what I needed. “I need something Mender-y!” I blurted out. So, yep. There you have it. Allllmost done. And quite Mender-y!

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