Mender’s Strife: An 8-Bit Fantasy is an old school-styled fantasy role-playing game with a deep, modern storyline and kickass music. It’s so old school, in fact, it’s 8-bit flavored. Tasty, pixelated goodness. Mmm.

At its core, Mender’s Strife is what you get when you mix a classic, exploration-focused RPG with high doses of humor, snark, fun tie-ins, and a story that isn’t afraid to tackle subjects game developers often shy away from.

Human lives are complicated, glorious messes full of lessons, controversy, and wonder. Today’s games ought to reflect that, and we believe that wholeheartedly. Our characters are diverse, and our stories embrace that diversity 100%.

Mender’s Strife is currently in development for PC and mobile platforms. We have a completely free demo you can check out. Download it here and please share your thoughts!