Mender’s Strife Demo Now Available!

Thanks to everyone who attended our demo release party over the weekend! It was amazingly awesome being able to receive feedback in a livestream environment and interact in realtime with a few of our fans. We’re delighted that everyone enjoyed the demo and are looking forward to find out what more folks think!

The demo is now available for download– for absolutely free. It’s playable on PC platforms.

Edit 5/15: Link updated below with the latest version of the demo (1.1). This version has a few fixes for glitches.

You can grab the Mender’s Strife demo here. 

To play, just extract the ZIP file and double-click the EXE file that’s inside. You’ll be good to go! Don’t forget to save often!

If you do grab it, we’d love to hear your feedback as we work on the full game. Remember, this is just a teaser of everything we have in store! Feel free and deliver us feedback on Facebook, via the contact form on our website, in the comments here, over Twitter, or by posting it on your blog/website and giving us a shoutout.

You’re also free to get in touch with us anytime in Discord if you have any questions or would like to get in touch.

Thanks for playing!

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