It’s Beginning to Look Mender-y!

Welcome to our lil’ blog corner for Mender’s Strife! Here we’ll be posting development news, announcements, updates, interviews, insight, media goodies, and a random assortment of fun stuff. Because we’re uh, fun and random like that. Well, sometimes anyway. Y’know, when the mood strikes.

Progress on the game has been going awesomely. It’s been going better than awesomely, in fact. It’s been going Mender-y! Just the other day I told our graphics guru that I needed a specific graphic for the last bit of the demo, and I found myself stumbling for words as I tried to describe what I needed. “I need something Mender-y!” I blurted out. So, yep. There you have it. Allllmost done. And quite Mender-y!

We’ve just about wrapped up the demo for Mender’s Strife. Our plan is to release the demo in early spring 2017. At that time, we’ll start promoting the game more, getting word out, looking into getting Mender’s Strife on Kickstarter, and start releasing some fun stuff we think you’ll enjoy.

We know that our audience will be quite small, and we’re perfectly fine with that fact. We hope to gradually get the word out about the game and find a niche of RPG lovers who enjoy retro style turn-based RPGs of the classic era as much we do. We’re not going full-blown retro, either. It’s vital to us that we keep the most important aspects of our games focused in the present–always looking towards the future.

This means that our games will explore storylines and subject matter that most retro games shy away from. This means that our characters won’t be the common stereotypes you may be bored of. This means that our music may sound stylistically retro but just a hair more awesome.This means that our graphics will be inspired by 8-bit chipsets, but not rigidly defined by the same rules that existed back then.

We’re not mimicking the games we grew up with. We’re simply playing homage to them while creating games that are 100% for ourselves and for other gamers who glance at their game collection and think “You know what? I need something more.” 

Like you, we’re tired of games releasing with super short, linear stories and DLCs that come months later. We’re tired of games with more in-game shop items and microtransactions than subplots. We’re tired of “large, explorable maps” that consist of straight paths, pretty foliage, and treasure chests that don’t even try and look hidden. We’re tired of side characters with zero depth and protagonists we can’t identify with.

We’re here to deliver that “something more”. It isn’t found in shiny graphics or loud explosions. It isn’t found in DLCs. It sure isn’t found in microtransactions. It’s found in the heart and soul of its characters, worlds, stories, music, level of details, and the excitement of exploration.

Ready to get started? We sure as hell are. Stay tuned in the coming months for more.

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