Demo Testers Wanted!

Hello world! If you’ve read our first update on the site, you may be familiar with the fact that we’re very close to fully completing the PC demo for Mender’s Strife. This means that everyone will soon get a taste of what the full game has in store.We’re hoping to release it in early spring 2017.

The demo will feature an alternate-style introduction to the story of Mender’s Strife. You’ll get to meet three main characters as well as a sampling of side characters and uh, a few interesting NPCSs. “Interesting.” Yeah, that’s totally the right word. You’ll also get a feeling for the game’s world, interface, music, graphics, quest system, and combat system.

It isn’t a tiny demo. We imagine it’ll take an average player around an hour to complete it as well as explore all of the optional side quests and items. We couldn’t help but include optional goodies! Oh, and the music’s awesome, so we don’t recommend blowing through the demo as quickly as possible.

Before we release the demo publicly, however, we need your help! We could use a handful of beta testers to check for any weird glitches, balance issues, typos, or programming errors that need to be fixed. We have a few quality checkers in-house, but through our years of experience, we’ve learned that some of the best game feedback comes from our fans and fellow gamers.

If you’re interested in helping us out, go ahead and contact us via the contact form on this site, over Twitter, or over Facebook. We’ll hook you up with the full game when it’s completed and toss your name in the credits as thanks for helping us out. Thanks for reading, folks! We can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months.

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